Why Fingermark Data-driven Kiosk?

Upsell Customers
Present customers with new items, showcase the latest promotion and ask them to upsize.
Take More Orders
Your new no.1 employee serves guests all-day-long, every day!
Get Orders Right
Put full control in your customers hands - if they want extra pickles that’s between them and Fingermark Data-driven Kiosk.

Full Service
Fingermark provides a complete turnkey solution from pre-installation site visit, installation, through to ongoing service level agreements. As our customer, you are our top priority!
Hardware Choice
Paperless and Receipt Printer options available with various mounting options to suit your specific needs.
Fingermark Software
Designed by our team of experts to suit your brand’s unique requirements and sales process.


robust metal design
(no plastic)
paperless & receipt printer options
cloud based software backed by in-store local server
mounting & orientation options to suit traffic flow


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