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Taco Bell NZ menu and prices revealed

Taco Bell opens its doors today, inviting West Aucklanders to get their first taste of food loosely inspired by Mexican culinary traditions.

In the United States, Taco Bell has a reputation for being particularly popular among consumers who’ve imbibed a few too many beverages.

So entrenched is this notion that a list on the Spoon University food website ranks all Taco Bell meals based on how drunk the consumer is.

It’s only fitting then, that the Taco Bell in New Lynn will serve alcohol and, most notably, frozen margaritas.

The restaurant will include iconic features like Taco Bell’s 16inch bell, a self-serve music kiosk and an open kitchen.

Free wifi, USB charging stations, kiosk ordering and beacons that give you a “bell” when your food is ready will also be available.

What we’ve all really been waiting for, however, is the food. So, here’s a rundown of what different items at Taco Bell will set you back.

You will have to pay a bit more if you want Double Crispy Chicken taco, which costs $8.99 or $12.49 for a combo.

A Cali Burrito costs $7.99, which a Grilled Stuft Burrito comes in at $8.99.

Those who prefer a slightly healthier option could for the Cali Burrito bowl at $8.99 or the Power Bowl at $9.99.

There’s also a single quesadilla for $6.99 or a combo for $10.49.

The Cheesy Gordita Crunch taco, a much bigger variety of a traditional taco, costs $6.99 by itself or $10.49 in a combo.

Overall the prices are cheaper than most fast-casual Mexican-style joints, but it doesn’t have quite as many of the $1 options that Taco Bell is famous for in the US.

That said, perhaps the menu will expand as Taco Bell spreads across the country, we’ll see a few additions to the menu. It is still early days, after all.

The LynnMall store is the first of 25 Taco Bells that operator Restaurant Brands plans to roll out in the next five years.

Russel Creedy, the chief executive of Restaurant Brands, previously told the Herald the priority for the brand at this stage was to roll out the business to other venues.

“At this stage, we are securing locations within the main metropolitans of Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch, with the view to expanding further afield in the coming years.

“The broader rollout plan will see a minimum of 25 restaurants trading in New Zealand over the next five years, with the view to launching the next restaurant in Q1 of next year.”

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