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COVID-19 Update

20 March 2020

Dear Customers

Our top priority during this period is to ensure our ability to serve our customers remains unaffected. Our team’s health and safety is a key focus to ensure business continuity to both our service levels and our supply chain.

I wanted to share with you the steps we are taking to care for our team’s health and safety and to do our bit to prevent the spread COVID-19. 

Firstly, we are following advice and precautionary measures from the New Zealand Government and the World Health Organisation.

We have actively taken steps to protect our team over the last few weeks through regular communication about the latest government advice to employees.

As of Friday 20 March 2020, the latest government advice and our mandate to the team has been:

  • All Fingermark employees are advised not to travel overseas and to conduct their international business via online meetings and phone calls
  • Employees who are feeling unwell are advised to stay home
  • Employees who feel they need additional safety at this time are advised to work from home
  • Strict hygiene measures are in place in Fingermark offices. Social distancing is in place with minimum 2m space recommended. Coughs and sneezes must be covered with disposable tissues or clothing and hands must be regularly washed for at least 20 seconds and dried thoroughly

In terms of Fingermark products, you can mitigate risks for your customers and teams by increasing the frequency Fingermark Kiosks are cleaned.

  • We believe the best practice is to increase cleaning Fingermark Kiosks from every hour to every 15 minutes. In certain circumstances, the cleaning frequency can be increased to a clean cycle after each customer
  • Be sure to use bleach-free disinfectant wipes or a solution of 40 percent rubbing alcohol and 60 percent distilled water.
  • Our recommended cleaning product is EcoLab and our recommended cleaning cloth is microfiber
  • Steer clear of using full-strength rubbing alcohol as this can damage the oil-repellent (oleophobic) coating that helps keep smudges off the screen

We will continue to closely monitor the worldwide situation, keeping our team informed and updated to ensure our service to you remains uninterrupted.

If you have any questions or would like to know more about the steps we are taking to protect against COVID-19 you can contact our Marketing Manager, Rachel Allen on +64 27 564 9292.


Luke Irving

Fingermark President and Founder