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With an ever changing world in hospitality and convenience the drive-thru has never been so important. Now throughput has increased in some cases to 85% drive-thru versus walk up sales.

With such an increase this has put massive strain on resources with queues of 300 meters outside the location not an uncommon site. New POS capabilities allowing mobile ordering along with uber eats expanding the third party pick up makes all ordering extremely time focused. Speed of Service has become very hard to measure, yet more important than ever in order to find efficiencies and streamline the drive-thru process.

The big future transition is the fast onset of Autonomous Vehicles (AV) which presents a completely new challenge. Driverless cars in the drive-thru.



Speed of service has traditionally been controlled by either loop timers or IR readers. The issues with both these options is that they only time in predetermined places, i.e Drive-thru entry, order placement, pick up and exit. So what happens when orders are being taken as they drive in via staff with tablets? Or receiving the order by mobile? Or staff running orders out even before they hit the traditional order point?

How can you time these interactions correctly?

The problem is only going to get worse.




EYECue was developed over 2 years with specially designed computer vision techniques and algorithms. These algorithms can not only time traditional drive-thru interactions, it can also time human interactions to give true accurate speed of service.

It can also machine learn trends and predict occurrences which will help you predetermine cooking times, reduce wastage and help with staffing efficiencies. The other capabilities are endless, with the ability to recognise baulk rates, merge order car recognition, vehicle tracking and parking timing.

It records data which can be used in years to come to help assist with new store designs, along with currently recognising and improving bottlenecks.



Would you like a better solution to cutting grooves into your drive-thru or laying conduit loops into the ground during refurb or build?

Fingermark's EYECue simply involves installing several cameras onto your building and can work in conjunction with Fingermark's Outdoor Menu board cameras.

Connect them to the network and over a period of time the algorithms learn the layout and come up with meaningful data for your restaurant.


Do you want real time data on drive thru?



Stop & Watch how you can improve the customer experience.

By analyzing all the data inside and outside the restaurant, not just linear point to point timing, this will revolutionize the way drive thru’s operate in the future, we provide real time data for the customer experience instore.



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