As a business, we have been closely monitoring the worldwide Coronavirus (COVID-19) situation, as we're sure you have too. Currently, at this point, we are seeing disruption to travel and trade events but mostly minimal disruption to our day-to-day business operations and logistics. We are proactively working with our suppliers and partners to manage the situation. We want to ensure all installations remain on track and we will actively communicate with you if anything changes. In this newsletter, we have included a Coronavirus Frequently Asked Questions download document if you wish to read more about the procedures we have put in place to ensure business continuity.
Although unsettling times, we remain excited for 2020 and focused on bringing out new and exciting innovations and we look forward to working with you to drive your business forward! Read on to find out more.

In-region offices

July 2019 saw us open doors in Colorado to further develop the emerging Americas region. We have technical and business development staff supporting several growing trials in the market. We are expecting these trials to expand over the course of 2020 with two trials already expanding to a wider market evaluation after multi-store pilots.

In the first half of this year we will see our first Dubai office open. It will officially open before the start of the 2020/21 financial year and is a testament to a lot of hard work from Fingermark staff.

We are moving towards opening more in-region offices with support and project management staff, in order to provide close customer support. The other reason for this decision is to ensure our team are living the local conditions and we are better placed to make product and process changes to improve overall customer satisfaction.


Americana Group first to adopt new Fingermark web-based platform Supersonic™

We recently entered into a long-term technology partnership agreement with Kuwait Food Company (Americana Group, UAE), one of the largest foodservice and manufacturing companies in the region.

The partnership initially sees Fingermark roll out self-service kiosks in KFC and Hardee's stores across the Middle East, starting with the UAE, as well as supporting Americana’s Restaurant Division, in the establishment of several innovative KFC concept stores that will showcase how technology is shaping the future of the Quick Service Restaurants (QSR) sector.

“There is an incredible amount of opportunity in the Middle East for QSR brands right now and consumers are highly engaged in this category. We are excited to be partnering with Americana Group to maximize the customer experience that their brands deliver,” 

Fingermark President and Founder, Luke Irving

Americana is one of the largest and most successful groups in the Middle East & North Africa (MENA), with capabilities spanning manufacturing, distribution and restaurant operations. Their much-loved brands are present in more than 20 markets globally. For over 50 years, Americana has managed a wide portfolio of well-respected brands across its two Divisions: Restaurants and Food, creating direct jobs for almost 60,000 people, today.

A regional pioneer, Americana introduced the concept of Quick Service Restaurants (QSRs) to the Region with its first restaurant of the kind, Wimpy, in Kuwait in 1970. Today, the Restaurants Division operates 1,900 restaurants, with over 40,000 employees, in 13 markets. Americana is the franchisee of some of the world’s most prominent brands in fast food and casual dining; including KFC, Pizza Hut, Hardee’s, Costa Coffee, Krispy Kreme and TGI Friday’s; to name a few.

Americana Group first to adopt new Fingermark web-based platform Supersonic™

Supersonic is an enterprise software solution, available as product modules that work standalone and better together. Americana has adopted Supersonic powered kiosks providing complete control their kiosk fleets and further integration to Fingermark products. 

One-click deployment

New features & soft upgrades can be automatically deployed to the entire fleet

Robust offline mode

Suited for stores with poor internet connections 

Fast setup and deployment of software

Off the shelf components means no chunky software to commission

Quick changes and AB Testing

Allowing quick decision making and innovation

Easy upgrades and updates

Using centrally hosted applications we have removed the workload of new feature upgrades


Talk to us today about upgrading your Fingermark Kiosks to the new Supersonic web-based platform and future-proof your kiosk fleet as well as future integrations between products!

What’s Coming Up?

New outdoor menu board coming soon

Due to hit the shelves, or rather a drive-thru, near you later this year is the new outdoor digital menu board from Fingermark. It’s bigger, better and seriously smarter! Our continued focus on R&D to bring the industry the latest technology has led to the development of a new outdoor digital menu board in 55” size. Compatible with the current Fingermark Menu Board suite of products, the new extra large menu board can be added to current drive-thru technology sets or used to ensure drive-thru refurbishments have the very latest technology.

New features will include
  • Bigger size - 55” screen
  • Energy saving mode - powers down and shuts off backlight when cars are not present
  • Fully waterproof (IP67 rated)
  • Increased screen brightness
  • Improved mounting solutions
  • Slimline size 100mm thick

You can expect to see more on the new outdoor digital menu board over the coming months. For now, hang tight.


Latest Key Projects

World first Drive-Thru-Only KFC stores

Increasing demand from customers for faster service and a digital drive-thru experience has led to the opening of trial concept KFC drive-thru only stores in Newcastle and Mt Gambier. World firsts, the stores feature multiple drive-thru lanes, app ordering and boom gates to guide customers. The trial concept aims to alleviate pain from time poor customers and provide a cutting-edge digital experience. For employees it aims to enhance employee’s time at work through improved systems and the streamlining of drive-thru only customers. 

As a technology partner to YUM! And KFC, Fingermark technology is behind much of the KFC trial concept and we have been working alongside their design team to truly understand the best fit technical solution. 

How it works

Upon customers placing their order via the KFC app, they are provided with a unique four-digit code. This code is entered by the customer into the Fingermark Kiosk at the drive-thru-only store. Whilst customers wait for their orders, they sit back and relax while watching content on Fingermark Digital Boards. When orders are ready for collection, the boom gate, controlled by Fingermark software opens and customers drive forward to the window to get their food. EYECUE™, Fingermark’s AI platform, tracks and times the customer experience and empowers employees to meet time targets.



Taco Bell opens its doors

Taco Bell opened two stores in Sydney and Newcastle and one in Auckland, NZ as part of a wider roll-out of 40 restaurants across Australia and NZ over the next five years. Fingermark™ Kiosks made their debut with purple Taco Bell menus offering customers fast order times and shorter queues. We are excited to be working alongside Taco Bell to bring their vision of providing the best Mexican style fast food with fast, friendly, & accurate service to life.


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